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Cotton Terry Zipper Mattress Encasement


Linen Mart Zipper Terry Mattress Encasement

  • Luxury Full Zipper Encasement deep pocket consists of 9 inches and can fit mattresses up to 12 inches deep for thick mattresses.
  • Deep Pocket Safeguard Mattress Cover is made of Natural Cotton Terry Top Fabric.
  • Mattress Premium Waterproof cover consists of TPU layer.
  • Full Zipper Enclosure with Double Velcro Lock for maximum protection, comfort, Utility, and healthier lifestyle.
  • SafeGuard Mattress Encasement Cover is made of Extra Soft, Ultra-Breathable, Natural Hypoallergenic.
  • Absorbent, Skin Friendly Cotton Terry Fabric for Quiet, Noiseless, Smooth, & Lavish Sleep.
  •  Non-Slip wholesale Mattress Protector features Micro Zipper covering all 4 sides with a zipper & Velcro double lock for maximum 360 reliability and protection.
  • Bedbug protectors provide complete protection against dust mites, fluids, perspiration & urine.
  • A fully Detachable Top is very convenient so that the top can be washed separately without removing the entire protector.
  • It is designed for a Better & Tighter Fit and Quick & Easy Installation & Removal.
  • Bulk Mattress covers are best of Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, shelters, inn, lodges & colleges
  • Institutional Mattress Cover has a thick waterproof TPU barrier for ultimate protection and shield against liquids.
  • Linen Mart carry a large selection of Quilted Mattress Covers, Terry & Knitted Mattress Encasements Zipper Bed Bug Protectors.
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Item Size Box Size Price 2022
Terry Zipper Mattress Encasement (Twin XL) 39x80x9 12 pieces $44.79
Terry Zipper Mattress Encasement (Double) 54x80x9 12 pieces $54.99
Terry Zipper Mattress Encasement (Queen) 60x80x9 12 pieces $58.89
Terry Zipper Mattress Encasement Extended (Twin XL) 39x80x14 12 pieces $49.89
Terry Zipper Mattress Encasement Extended (Double) 54x80x14 12 pieces $64.89
Terry Zipper Mattress Encasement  Extended (Queen) 60x80x14 12 pieces $69.88
Terry Zipper Mattress Encasement  Extended (King) 78x80x14 6 pieces $79.99


Improve the comfort of your guests or customers and provide more protection for your mattress by using Linen Mart Institutional Mattress Pads Topper & protectors which are in Wholesale Flat Mattress Pads and fitted luxury premium waterproof mattress protectors with quilting and Zipper Bulk Mattress Encasement. Zipper Bulk Mattress Encasement is designed to be a better fit that is flat, fitted, and adorned with elastic mesh and bands, they are water-resistant, washable, and simple to clean, and easy to show your guests you truly take pride in. Everyone is looking forward to an enjoyable night’s sleep in a motel or hotel guestroom. Linen Mart Supply is here to assist you in making that happen. We provide White luxurious and soft 3 ounces 6 ounces quilted mattress cover with a deep pocket that not just keeps your guests comfy but also offers better protection for your expensive mattresses. When you have flat mattress pads, the elastic bands around the four corners of mattress pads allow them to stay in the location, and in fitted mattresses, elastic mesh or zipper closers allow for easy putting on and removal of the bed. The pads are water-resistant, which means that no liquid spillage can reach the mattress, thereby increasing the lifespan of the mattress. Twin, Double or full, King size mattress pads are available.

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