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Hotel & Hospital Synthetic Down Pillow

Synthetic Pillow (Feather Down Pillow)


Linen Mart Synthetic Pillow T300 Thread Count 38 ounces

  • Our synthetic feather-down pillows in Canada provide the ultimate luxury to your customers.
  • It is Washable and Hypo-Allergic and features a 100% T300 Thread Count Cover with high-quality Fill.
  • Synthetic Feather goose down Pillow insert comes in 38 ounces.
  • White Pillows are soft, feel luxurious, and are comfortable.
  • Feather Down Pillows are in the sizes of Standard, queen & King.
  • These Institutional pillows are sold to motels, hotels, hospitals, medical & retirement centers, and resorts.
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Product Description

Item Size Weight Box Size Price 2020
Pillow Supreme (Standard) 20×26 24 oz / piece 2 pieces $15.49
Pillow Supreme (Queen) 20×30 28 oz / piece 2 pieces $24.99
Pillow Supreme (King) 20×40 38 oz / piece 2 pieces $38.99

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